Comedian Francis Cronin Walks 500 Miles, Sleeps Outside to Fight Homelessness

“[Francis is] raising money for a Southern California charity on L.A.’s Skid Row, and he’s sleeping outside on each night of his long journey, which has thus far lasted four weeks.

“By putting myself out there, I’m trying to reframe how people see the person in the street,” he told He’s making an impression, he said, even though it’s on a decidedly small canvas.”

Deaf comedian D.J. Demers shares his experiences with hearing loss

“Demers, along with a few audience members, wore hearing aids. As part of his “Here to Hear” tour, Demers is visiting 20 colleges and universities across the United States to perform and talk about his experiences with hearing loss.”

DJ Demers’ one-hour comedy special, “Indistinct Chatter”, is now available to stream.
“Demers discussed a broad range of topics, he often brought up his experiences with hearing loss, such as how he couldn’t hear when he took his aids out at night. He also made an effort to get to know many of the audience members’ names, and he periodically checked on the hard-of-hearing audience members.”


Daniel Franzese’s Comedy Tour Hits MNSU

“The comedy act was a success from beginning to end. [Daniel] jokes about his experiences as a gay man. Along with being gay, his Italian roots is a big part of his life which he jokes about often in his set. He also did a Q&A where students asked a range of questions from awkward sex scenes, to coming out in college, to his experiences in the behind the scenes of Mean Girls.”

“Franzese’s show was a hit with the campus, sponsored by the LGBT Center, and not only shed light on the hilariousness and fabulousness of being gay, but also brought diversity and the importance of having an event like this on campus.”

Written by: Maria Ly (Staffwriter, Student at MNSU)


Janet Braun Reinitz at Old Dominion University

The students loved the event on Sep 20th, 18 with Janet Braun-Reinitz, the Freedom Rider Speaker.  Some are even asking if we could have you back again!  It was an eye opening experience for many students….

Student Activities/ Lectures
Old Dominion University

Daniel Franzese at Vincennes University

Yesterday was AWESOME!  As you know, we’ve held this event for 9 years and Daniel ranks as one of the friendliest and most interactive speakers we’ve had.  The students were in awe of him.  That’s the best way for me to describe their reaction.  His message was very inspiring and really hit home with the audience.  Did the meet and greet take a little bit of time? Yes.  Did it take time because Daniel made a personal interaction with each and every student? Absolutely.  Every student left with a smile on their face holding their autograph and looking at the picture.

On a personal note (this has nothing to do with his presentation) I thought it was so great that Daniel stayed the night last night in Vincennes.  He didn’t fly back to LA until this morning.  Past speakers have been eager to head home after their presentation, which is perfectly fine.  But he told me he wanted to take in the town, eat a local restaurants, and shop at local shops.  It just meant a lot to me that he wanted to explore where he was.

Daniel is a great, humble man and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that asked.  He made the day very special for all in attendance.

I appreciate the relationship I’ve built with you and your company and look forward to future events.

With that said, I’m sure I’ll be in touch in December/January to begin planning College GO! 2019!!

Thank you so much!



Event organizer

College Go!