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Gillian Bellinger_Purple_ShirtRock Star Innovation
Innovative Leadership Development through Improv

Rock Star Innovation is a completely INTERACTIVE and CUSTOMIZED leadership training that uses improv exercises to develop intentional and aware leadership choices. By focusing on three concepts from improv, “listening, acceptance and exploring and heightening”, participants will see increased success in leadership decisions and connections.Participants will learn how to use improv exercise to facilitate communication, innovation, and connection.

It was really great. I really liked how, even in a community of leaders, like there’s things we can improve, and there is also good things and bad things we do. So it’s really great that the program pointed out each one of them. You should definitely bring Rock Star to your campus. It will really bring issues out and solve things. –
Shirley Coddy, Student, Baylor University

“On behalf of the Pierce College Office of Student Life, we would like to thank you. This event could not have been possible without you.
-Katie Daniels, Pierce College Puyallup Office of Student Activities

“We had tons of fun during the workshops and received rave reviews from other students who participated. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to bring you back to the Luther campus.”
-Luther College  Activities Board

I will use some of these improv games for my students, thank you for showing me new ways to voice our voices. I sure did learned a lot within a short amount of time. Was awesome.
-Katygene Jackson, NCCSWL conference attendee


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