Janet Braun-Reinitz

Freedom Rider, Artist, Muralist, Activist

She has collaborated in the painting of more than 50 community murals in the city, as well as in San Francisco, Pensacola (Florida) and Savannah (Georgia) and, internationally, in Nicaragua, England, and Georgia. Her large-scale murals have addressed such subjects as feminism, abortion rights, violence against women, the lack of accessible health care, and AIDS and have portrayed the accomplishments of people protesting and affecting local issues in their own communities. Four stories high, “When Women Pursue Justice”(Brooklyn, NY 2005) is a celebration of 90 American women activists who struggled for justice on many fronts–often risking their lives–and a product of the collaboration of 13 professional women artists. The mural being created for the House of Love & Dissent is a chronicle of the ills of the world filtered through the artistic lens of a radical American, in the interest of political transformation


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