Kazu Kusano- Japanese Comedian


The Japanese Comedian with an American Twist

Japanese comedian, Kazu Kusano, shatters the stereotypical perception of the demure Asian woman. With the use of her thick Japanese Accent, and physical humor, you will laugh at the outlandish experiences of a Japanese woman making her way through America.   By day she teaches Japanese to American High School Students, and for a brief her alma mater, Foothill College in the Bay Area, she taught Math to English speaking students, that’s not a joke!   Her comedy helps audiences rethink the idea of race, gender and nationality.    San Francisco’s YB Center for the Arts invited her to perform for their exhibition called The Identity Shifts” which focused on the theme of, Women, Art & Politics.    Recently, she made her first international appearance at Asiafest in Adelaide, Australia. Married to a Jewish, IT Manager and Mentalist/Mindreader, Kazu has many interesting stories about relationships.  Ask about her Educational Session on Japanese/American Differences.
She currently resides in Los Angeles. @KazuKusano

ONE WOMAN SHOW-  Pretty Beast is a hilarious and devastating one-woman show about a girl growing up in Japan with a schizophrenic mom and an alcoholic dad, and finding humor as a survival tool.
However being funny wasn’t considered proper for a girl. From the defeated class clown, to a 20 something struggling with gender stereotypes, she faced years of resistance, sexism, criticism, failed relationships, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts. She coped with trauma and sexism through comedy, and finally became a comedian in America. Her show reminds you that your past doesn’t define you…it prepares you. Kazu fills the audience with positivity, motivates them to be open about their issues, inspires them to follow their passion, and raises the importance of mental illness awareness. Won Pick of the Vancouver Fringe Award as Hottest Selling Show. “Pretty Beast signals a bold and important new voice in comedy and theatre.” The Georgia Straight

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