Dr. Laura Hayden @LauraHaydenFun

Comedian. Speaker. Physical Therapist


When Laura Hayden is not killing patients–with laughter, she is killing it on stage as a stand-up comedian and inspirational speaker. Dr. Laura Hayden is a practicing physical therapist, touring comedian and speaker. Laura’s stand-up career started at the front of the classroom while she earned her Masters in Physical Therapy from Mount Saint Mary’s College. Her ability to highlight the humorous side of medicine led her classmates to nominate her to give their graduation commencement speech. To this day the faculty at Mount Saint Mary’s College still talk about that “infamous” commencement speech. Laura credits this as her first stand up performance and yes she was terrified.

Laura’s reinvention from extreme introvert to stand- up comedian is funny and inspiring. She witnessed how her mother’s shyness put limitations on her life and vowed at an early age not to follow her path. Her pursuit to be a pseudo extrovert started with her first day of college. She developed personal strategies to help her deal with what she calls the ‘childhood demons’. Later after her personal struggle with professional burnout she credits stand-up comedy or saving her medical career. This led her to research the healing aspect of laughter, which led her to pursue her PhD from Boston University. The emphasis of her PhD was burnout and therapeutic laugher. She found that laughter—as cliché as it may sound—truly is the best medicine.

Today Laura lends her humorous take on the absurd, bizarre and rare moments that make living and healing such a great part of the human experience. Part of her mission to serve others, educate and entertain with kindness and humor


Laura Hayden leaves no sordid stone unturned in her speeches and stand-up comedy. The mastermind behind the multi-media show “I Didn’t Mean To Be A Virgin In The 80’s,” All topics are fair game for Laura, from her own stories of coming of age to the bizarre and all too funny real life experiences. Laura has appeared in countless clubs, theatres, casinos, cruise ships, military tours and shacks all over the United States and 26 countries. As a stand-up comedian she has performed at festivals in New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Scotland. Other credits include TV Guide Network, Laughs on Fox, The Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson, Funny.com, Dead Americans, LATALK radio and XM radio. Learn more about Laura by visiting www.laurahayden.com

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