Michael Rayner @brokenjuggler

David Letterman, Sesame Street Live


Michael Rayner is a frequent guest on Nickelodeon TV and has appeared with Dave Attell on Comedy Central’s Gong Show and with George Gray on the Game Show Network’s Extreme Gong Show.  Michael performs locally with top comics Patton Oswalt, Margaret Cho, Jimmy Dore and with Frank Conniff in Cartoon Dump.His show has been described as “preposterous brilliance” and “whacky jugglement,” a combination of hilarious tricks and stunts with uproarious stand-up and a bounty of improvised fun.  He frequently pops up in TV commercials.  He was a weird scientist for IBM and  a dork washing a cardboard car for Saturn.  He played a hapless gas station attendant who tries to take a photo of Elvis in an Energizer battery commercial and has appeared with Ringo Star, Jane Seymour, Neil Patrick Harris and Anthony Quinnpromoting other worthwhile products .   Maybe his proudest achievement was having the pre-dead Frank Sinatrapersonally approve him to promote his compilation CD for a Capitol Records commercial.  Michael has done warm-up for many sitcoms including Lucky Louie, The Chocolate News, That ‘70s Show, Reba, Dharma and Greg, Stark Raving Mad,Then Came You, Two of a Kind, Two Guys and a Girl and the specials Thou Shalt Laugh II and Home for the Holidays.When not performing, Michael writes.  He has written for E! Entertainment, The Gameshow Network, Nickelodeon, Backstage West, Modest Proposal and The Spark Factory Twitter  @brokenjuggler.com  | www.MichaelRayner.com

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