Rob Rasner @RobRasner

ROB RASNER Comedian & Magician from MTV, A&E


As a full time comedian and magician based out of Los Angeles, Rob has appeared internationally performing at corporate events, on the college circuit, and headlining in popular venues throughout Europe and Asia. He was accepted to and studied at the prestigious Mystery School in Las Vegas.When Ashton Kutcher needed the
best of the best to help with a popular magic-themed
hidden camera show, he hired Rob as a performer, as a consultant and as a writer for MTV’s “Room 401.”
Rob has given a command performance for the
princess of Saudi Arabia and toured China, performing multiple times on Chinese national television. In the US, Rob has appeared in over a dozen national commercials, guest starred on major sitcoms and made appearances in several feature films. Because of his successful performance on the A&E series “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels,” Rob was invited to perform for Gene’s spectacular 60th
birthday party.Rob’s truly amazing magic and side-splitting humor, combined with music and audience participation, will immediately charm and endear your guests. And the fun doesn’t stop on stage. Rob is also an expert in sleigh-of-hand, and will dazzle your guests from merely inches away. Some magicians let audience members examine their props; Rob lets the magic happen in their own hands! Your guests will laugh and gasp, and everyone is guaranteed a front row seat.

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